Monday, October 26, 2009

Let's Get Sewing!

Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I've been on the hunt for nursery fabric....Searching near and far, I finally found my fabric at a new shop that has recently opened up here in Dallas, City Craft. They have some of the cutest textiles I have seen in a while. With all the options, it was hard to choose, but in the end here is what I ended up with (JUST COULDN'T GET AWAY FROM THE PINK!):

My mom also recently gave me a sewing machine - time to get that needle threaded. Not quite the industrial type machine I'm used to (my mom has her own sewing workroom) , but this one worked just fine.

(A little sneak peak of the wallpaper going in my study.)

All done after some hand stitching.....

On to No.2 Pillow - They weren't kidding about this nesting instinct - just call me Marth-ona!

All finished in the newly put together crib......

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  1. gracie! you have a white management chair!?! I want one too! actually I need 2 of them! lucky girl! your nursery looks amazing! congrats you two! love the poof's above crib. adorable!