Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dining Room Inspirations

I'm really into mixing the old with the new giving spaces much more depth and loads of personality.
Inspiration from some of our travels...hospitality-oriented spaces offer loads of ideas.

Bar Tartine in San Francisco

Hotel Palomar in Washington D.C.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Home Update: Shades for our Sun Room & Master Bedroom!

Thanks to my mom....yes, she has a design workroom in Houston (Gracie's Custom Slipcovers). I got some much needed roman shades in pure white for the Sun Room/Family Room & Master Bedroom ! JR spent much of the day Saturday installing them...and what a good job he did! I guess his engineering skills were put to work! Here are some shots of the progression.


JR's Expert Installation:

All finished:

If you like what you see here and need help with your interior, visit me at www.cieladesign.com!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New York Trip

My mom and I went to New York City this weekend for a wedding and used the opportunity to get some design inspiration from not only design shops, but the city itself. Our first stop was to CB2...which I've only been able to see online. It didn't disappoint and I appreciated the fact that Crate & Barrell has a more modern affordable line, with basic pieces and cute accessories.

While going to school here, I often visited Pearl River Mart for fun odds and ends. To my surprise, they have moved locations and added a "HOME" line which was both eclectic and affordable! The lighting, lantern and ceramic selection cannot be beat - here are a few shots of only a portion of what Pearl River Mart has to offer:

This walnut chair with some modern almost swedish lines was only $295....and they ship!

On our way to ABC Home, my all-time favorite design and home decor store, we passed through Union Square Park....inspiration can be found anywhere!

Chin Chih Yang's Burning ICE Sculpture....to read more about the artist visit http://www.123soho.com/artists/featuredf_artist_index_artist.phtml?artnum=artidv00159&initial=Y

Any trip I take MUST involve food, and New York is a mecca for good food eating whether its in a restaurant or in a farmers market like this one:

I really should take up knitting again.............

After some distracting produce interruptions, we finally made our way to ABC Home.....10 wonderful floors of all things design related - from vintage to contemporary, this place has it all....and then some.

The theme of much of the store was PINK, and not just any pink. Throughout the multiple floors the color pink could be find in various shades from HOT pink to a soft fleshtone pink (which was my personal favorite.)

In addition, timber and anything tree related seem to be in vogue. From table tops to headboards, tree branches were everywhere bringing nature in.

The display designers are masters there at ABC Home with creative solutions to show off products...here's a taste:

One last parting shot of the New Museum (www.newmuseum.org) on the Bowery......Hell Yes!

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