Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hunting for Some Inspiration

I just got back from Houston for a visit and it gloriously coincided with the Round Top Antique Show. Here are some gems I found while searching for items both in Houston & in Round Top.

At the Houston Decorative Center searching for Textiles.

One of my favorite shops in Houston, High Fashion Home has some great pieces for good prices.

Growing up with a Mom in the business, fall time always began with the Round Top Antique Show and chocolate YOO-HOOs from the Warrenton General Store. Unfortunately, when we were there this year, it was 95 degrees and humid which made for 3 very hot, tired and cranky women, two of which were 6 months pregnant. We did, however, find some great things which are shown below (I guess hunting sometimes involves a lot of sweating, particularly while in Texas):

After searching through a bunch of "junk", we finally came to Clutter and the EX-Cess field. They both offered some great pieces as well as inspiring merchandising.

These pearlescent apothecary bottles were everywhere.

I couldn't resist!

Until next week,

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