Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lighting Makes Everything Better!

So we've been in the house for about a month now and have learned a bit more about its ins and outs. During this time, JR, the handy-man that he is, installed new brushed nickel door lever sets replacing the old brass ones. He even added brushed nickel door stops and cabinet door pulls! Right after we moved in, we visited our local Lamps Plus ( and purchased some unique funky light fixtures. One other tidbit about fifties homes - minimal overhead lighting....So add that to our to do list. Finally, after our beautiful light fixtures arrived, we had them and various recessed cans installed to brighten up the space and add that wow factor. Here they are:

Probably my favorite fixture purchased, we installed this in our dining room - making it the "heart" of the house. It also worked really well with the existing Le Klint pendant in the kitchen.

In our dark hallway, we placed this Anenome fixture at the ceiling. Very dramatic and it has a kind of mid century boudoir feeling to it.

This fixture was installed in the study and will g
o over the desk we will HOPEFULLY soon purchase.

Finally, we installed fans and compact fluorescent recessed cans (yes, we are trying to act responsibly and save some money with energy efficiency where we can) throughout the sitting room and dining room. What a difference some overhead light makes!


  1. mija...

    i like this one

  2. OOOh....maybe for the nursery.