Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lakewood Heights House Remodel

Our most recent project is my own 1954 family home nestled in the heart of Lakewood Heights. After a 6 month home search in the central Dallas area, we finally found a little bungalow that I could imagine raising a family in and having some "fun" remodeling. This offered a wonderful opportunity to establish relationships with qualified local contractors and explore different design solutions. We wanted our home to be happy, fresh, bright, modern and reflect our young mentality while being welcoming and conducive to a new baby. Here are some before shots of the space:

I decided to treat this project as I would any other and produce a budget and time line. We first developed a laundry list of items to be done, and then prioritized the projects based on move-in date and budget restraints. We decided some minimal carpentry work, painting, carpeting, lighting and wood staining were the most important elements and would be tackled first
. Here are some initial sketches of what I envisioned our future completed space to be like:

Front Sitting Room

Dining Room & Kitchen

Up next....contractor selection and demo time!

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